Pet Odor Control And Pattern Reinforcement While Staying In A Hotel

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Cats are creatures of habit and may seem to act most predictable when they are provided with a routine. If you and your pet cat are going to be temporarily staying at a hotel while your home is being repainted, you may be concerned about how the change in location will impact your pet's behavior. It would be very unsettling to discover that your cat urinated under your hotel bed or in the corner of the room. Use odor control cat litter to provide your cat with a sanitized box that promotes a fresh scent and deters messes in your hotel room.

Change Your Strategy

If you normally stick to store brand litter varieties or you have been selecting unscented types, you may want to rethink your strategy. When you are at home, your pet is provided with a larger area to roam around, and you likely have a special room or portion of one that is designated as the area that you keep the litter box in. As a result, foul odors may not seem so offensive for quite some time. You may have grown accustomed to cleaning out the litter box every few days.

When you get into a hotel room, your cat is going to be curious about their new surroundings, and there isn't going to be quite as much space for them to roam. It is imperative that you change out the litter frequently to prevent foul odors and discourage your pet from urinating or defecating in various parts of the room.

Use Litter That Is Best For Eliminating Odors

Fortunately, there are litter types that contain odor neutralizers and that emit a fresh scent. As your pet moves their paws through the box to cover the areas where they have used the bathroom, the scent that has been added to the litter granules or pellets will be released into the air. It is still important for you to change the litter frequently, but you will appreciate that you are not bombarded by a foul scent each time that your cat uses their box.

Ask your room service attendant for plenty of trash bags, and purchase some litter box liners so that changing out the litter won't be much of a chore. After cleaning the box, dispose of the waste materials immediately. Your cat will soon get used to their new surroundings and will continue to stay on track with using their box, as long as you maintain its cleanliness. The best cat litter for odors will make your hotel stay easier.

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