Have A Large Yard? 3 Reasons To Install An Invisible Fence For Your New Dog

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After adopting a dog, you may be looking forward to watching them run around and play in your yard. However, if your yard doesn't have fencing installed, this can be a disaster waiting to happen since your dog could run away. Even with a leash and stake in the ground, your dog could get loose without proper fencing that creates a barrier around the yard.

If your yard is very large, it can be challenging to have the entire space fenced in as desired. Not only can the project be extensive, but the cost can also be quite high. With these reasons in mind, consider the advantages of invisible fencing that can keep your dog safe.

Easy Installation

Fencing can be a major project that involves buying wood, vinyl, or other posts and fencing to create the barrier you need in the yard. However, invisible fencing is a much easier installation that doesn't require many materials. An electrical wire is installed under the ground, usually at least 3" deep. A transmitter is installed in the garage or another part of your home. Then, a collar is set up to connect with the transmitter to pick up the barrier installed in your yard.  

These steps are much easier to tackle for a large yard and can fence in the yard without major construction work.

No Maintenance 

After a new fence is installed in your yard, there are still steps involved in maintenance that you'll need to schedule. From staining the fence to pressure washing, the annual maintenance may be more than you're comfortable with for a large yard.

An invisible fence can be easy to maintain over the years since you'll only need to consider the electrical barrier, transmitter, and collar. Simply ensuring that the barrier and transmitter are working as expected, along with the collar being charged, can make maintenance for an invisible fence easy.

More Space to Run

Another benefit of an invisible fence is that the setup makes it easy to fence in your entire yard. This will give your dog more space to run and play, rather than restricting them to a small fenced-in dog run. By securing your yard with invisible fencing, you won't be worried that your dog has limited space to enjoy.

As you prepare to fence in your yard for your dog, explore the benefits that come with using invisible fencing. Not only can you continue to enjoy the look of your yard, but your dog can have plenty of space to run while being protected.  

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