FAQ About CBD Pet Supplements

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CBD (cannabidiol) pet supplements contain a hemp constituent that has been linked to a long list of therapeutic qualities. Here is a look at some of the common questions pet owners have about these supplements and the answers you should know. 

Why should you give your pet CBD supplements?

CBD supplements for pets can be good for several ailments, including things like the following: 

  • pain and inflammation
  • separation anxiety 
  • restlessness 

How do you find the best supplements made from hemp?

With so many supplements available on the market for pets, it can be difficult to track down the products that are the best quality. There are a certain set of guidelines to follow to make sure that the product you find is actually what is going to be best for your pet, including the following things:

  • The product is made from non-GMO hemp
  • The product is free from chemicals or coloring agents
  • The product comes with verification from a third-party testing lab for potency levels

What does it mean if supplements are made from hemp seed oil?

Supplements made from hemp seed oil and hemp are not the same thing. Hemp seed oil is still good for your pet, but it does not contain the same amounts of CBD as oil derived from hemp plants. Thoroughly check the label of any pet supplement you find to make sure it is actually derived from the total hemp plant and not just the seeds.

Will there be any side effects?

One of the many things that people like about CBD supplements that are created from hemp for pets is the fact that these supplements usually have very few side effects. Your pet may show signs of dry mouth, such as drinking more water, and they may get a little groggy or relaxed. Other than that, you really shouldn't see any major side effects. Just make sure you start out with a low dose of the supplement and monitor for any adverse reactions. 

Can you get hemp supplements from your vet?

Some vets do have hemp supplements available at their practice, but these supplements are most often found at pet supply stores. It is never a bad idea to talk to your vet before choosing to give your pet CBD supplements made from hemp, however. Your vet can let you know if there are any interactions to be concerned about with your pet due to their medical condition. 

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