Got A Senior Dog From A Shelter? 2 Tips To Keep It Healthy

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Getting a dog from a shelter is a good choice, and getting a senior dog is even better. This is because many people look over senior dogs in favor of younger ones, so the older dogs are stuck in the animal shelters. Because you did choose a senior dog, you need to learn how to take proper care of it. 

Choose Natural Dog Food

The dog food you purchase is important and can make a big difference in the health of your dog. If you look at the ingredients of many dog foods, there are many things listed that are not good for them. When choosing, the first ingredient should always be a type of meat. If you see the first ingredient is something else, such as corn, then this is not a good choice.

There are natural dog food brands that are great for dogs and especially older dogs. Natural dog food does not have all the additives and bad ingredients that can make your dog sick. Instead, natural dog food contains high-quality meat as the main ingredient and has nutrients that only come from recognizable food sources, including vegetables, fruits, and meats.  You can find natural dog food for all stages of a dog's life, including for seniors. 

Get Exercise

Getting exercise is important for all dogs. Because your dog is senior, you may think they are too old to have exercise. You may be surprised, however, that your dog will enjoy playing outside with you as a younger dog does. Take your dog on walks with you. Walking on soft surfaces such as grass will be better for them. Surfaces like asphalt are not a good choice as this can be hard on your dog's paws. This is especially true if it is hot outside as pavement can become very hot. 

If your senior dog has health problems, such as arthritis, you do need to be careful in the exercises that they do. Taking your dog for a walk is good as you can go by their speed. Just remember not to walk them for too long, especially if it is hot outside. You do need to consult with your dog's veterinarian before starting any type of exercise with your senior dog if they do have arthritis or another health condition.

Your veterinarian can give you many more tips to keep your senior dog healthy and happy. 

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