Three Scenarios In Which You Should Use A Dog Tracking Collar

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When you shop for a dog collar, you might initially be thinking about choosing a product in a color that you like or that suits the shade of your pet's fur. It's important, however, to also give some thought to the advanced functionality that is available in certain dog collars. One particular product to think about is a tracking collar — a collar that has a global positioning system tracker embedded in it. This type of collar will allow you to monitor the location of your animal on a smartphone app, which is especially valuable if the animal is occasionally out of sight of you. Here are some scenarios in which you should use a tracking collar.

You Hunt With Your Dog

When people use dogs for hunting, there will often be a considerable amount of space between them and their animals. For example, when you've taught your dog to track your prey, the dog will frequently move faster than you — meaning that the animal will sometimes be out of sight. If your dog isn't wearing a GPS collar, not knowing exactly where the animal is may cause panic. However, when you've put this type of collar on the animal, you'll be able to easily monitor its location and walk until you catch up to it.

Your Dog Has A History Of Roaming

Some dogs are happy to stay on their families' properties, while others have more of a desire to roam. For example, a dog might escape through an open gate in your fence and wander around the neighborhood until you're able to find it. If your dog fits this description, it's a good idea to outfit it with a tracking collar. It's a panicky feeling to realize that your dog has roamed away from your property, but the presence of the collar will allow you to quickly figure out the dog's location and go pick it up.

You Go Hiking With Your Dog

If you enjoy hiking or running trails with your dog, you may keep the animal off a leash. Doing so can allow you to walk or run more easily, but you might worry about your dog running away — perhaps as a result of chasing a squirrel or another animal. Depending on the terrain, your dog may disappear from sight in a matter of seconds. When the pet is wearing a tracking collar, you'll be able to easily pursue the pet until you can catch up to it. Look for dog tracking collars at your local pet store.

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