Three Styles Of Navy And Cream Dog Collars To Buy

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With so many dog collar designs on the market, it's a good idea to give some thought to what you're looking for in advance of visiting a local pet supply store. There are several different options that you can think about. For example, you might choose a particular color scheme because it complements the look of your dog's coat, or maybe you simply like how a couple of colors look together and want to buy a collar that features them. Navy blue and cream are two colors that complement one another well, and you'll often find this combination present when you shop for a dog collar. Here are three styles that you can find with these colors.

Leather With Pronounced Stitching

Leather is a popular material in many dog collars for a number of reasons. Its durability makes it a good choice; you can often expect that a leather collar will not wear out over the course of your pet's life. While you might think of leather collars as being brown, they're frequently available in several colors. Look for one that is navy blue, and be cognizant of the color of the stitching that runs along the edges of the collar. Often, this stitching will be in colors that complement the navy blue leather, including cream.

Leather And Rope

A lot of pet owners favor dog collars that include a combination of different materials. Often, this can mean buying a collar that has both leather and rope elements. For those who favor navy blue and cream, you can frequently find these colors in a leather and rope collar. For example, one collar design may feature a rope that has both blue- and cream-colored fibers woven around each other. This collar can have a leather element that holds the buckle, and the leather may be in either color or perhaps a third complementary color.

Leather And Fabric

There are other dog collars that combine leather with various types of fabric. A common example is leather with denim, which can give the collar somewhat of a rustic look. You might find a collar that is made of leather, but that has denim wrapped around part of the leather. For example, the leather might be brown or tan, but the denim will be blue and the stitching may be cream. Evaluate these and other styles to find that one that you feel will look best on your dog.

Visit a pet store to see the navy and cream leather dog collars they have available. 

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