3 Super Facts About The Superman Rhodactis Mushroom Coral

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Take one look at an Aquarium Superman Rhodactis Mushroom and you'll see it's a colorful hero of underwater scenery. Here are three facts this handsome coral hides beneath its flashy exterior.

1. Superman Rhodactis Has Many Aliases

The Superman Rhodactis Mushroom gets its name from its bright red and blue coloring, but like any superhero, it goes by several different names. This genus is in fact a coral, not a mushroom, from the Indo-Pacific Sea. Its scientific name is Rhodactis inchoata.

In its home waters or a home aquarium, the Superman Rhodactis is also known as Tiny Elephant Ear Mushroom, Hairy Mushroom, Tonga Blue Mushroom and its most impressive title, Titan Eco-friendly Metallic Mushroom.

It can also vary its costume, appearing in shades from bright red to burnt orange and aqua blue to vibrant purple. This Rhodactis may even differ between the color of its limbs from the rest of its main body to create a striking contrast. 

2. Superman Rhodactis Has a Super Appetite

This coral may have a small mouth, but it requires daily feeding of phytoplankton and rotifers. The Superman Rhodactis Mushroom coral, like others in its class, also feeds through photosynthesis and a steady supply of light is required to keep it healthy and thriving.

To best mimic its natural environment, this coral likes superficial, warm salt water, averaging between 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (22-26 °C). Aside from phytoplankton, it also loves larger microorganisms that can be found in storage tank water, making it relatively easy to please.

3. Superman Rhodactis Is a Super Parent

Aquarists should be cautious of the Superman Rhodactis Mushroom coral's propensity to reproduce. A healthy coral of this genus reproduces via fission or laceration (growing a new polyp and splitting apart).

If not held in check, this coral can reproduce itself from a polyp expanding to its full size in just two months' time. Such fast growth can pose a hazard for aquariums with limited space, creating an overcrowding issue to the detriment of itself and neighboring species.

Be sure to research safe ways of removing polyps before they can develop from the parent Superman Rhodactis. Even if it isn't nurturing its own progeny, this coral is a welcome home for clownfish. Its strong arms hold up well to the residents of the reef. 

With attentive management to keep its reproduction from overcrowding, this coral is a colorful and hospitable addition to any saltwater aquarium.

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