Live Mealworm Pet Food: Is This Right for Your Reptile?

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When you have a pet who eats mealworms — such as a lizard, turtle, or frog — you want to make sure your reptile is happy and content with the food provided. A live mealworm pet food supply can be ideal for your reptile or it can be a total bust and never get eaten.

It's surprising how picky a reptile can be, especially if it's always been fed the same diet and is an older animal. Here are signs your reptile can benefit from live mealworm pet food. Buy your live mealworm pet food from a pet store that keeps a constant supply of fresh mealworms on hand. See if your local pet store can give you a punch card to get your mealworms from so you can pay for your live mealworms in advance and take them for your reptile as you need them.

Your reptile needs stimulation to eat

If your reptile is only motivated to eat when it has prey to catch, then a live mealworm pet food supply can be great to have on hand. Another option is crickets, but crickets are noisy and smelly and can die quickly if they are not consumed right away. Mealworms have a lot of protein and are an excellent meal solution to add to the diet of leopard geckos and other lizards who like to actively hunt their prey.

You need a cost-effective solution to feed your reptile

Feeding a reptile can be an expensive thing, especially when your reptile primarily eats insects. It's not OK to feed your lizard, snake, turtle, frog, or other reptile wild insects you find in your yard to help save money, so turn to a live mealworm animal food supplement instead to help keep your reptiles fed and happy on a budget. The wriggling worms inspire your reptile's natural hunting instincts and the high protein content help to keep your pet fuller longer and really balances out their diet well.

You can buy mealworms in bulk or buy them on an as-needed basis, whatever makes you most comfortable. You can also buy dried mealworms to keep on hand as backup snacks for your reptile, along with crickets, hornworms, cockroaches, and more. Your reptile may take a moment to get used to having a live mealworm pet food diet, but once they get used to this introduced food, can enjoy it quite well.

Your pet reptile can live a happy and healthy life with the right food. You can get live mealworm pet food at your local pet store.

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